Sensitive, memorable photos that you and your loved ones will always treasure.  Make your events last a lifetime, and beyond.

We mostly use small, unobtrusive mirror-less cameras that don't get in the way of the celebration, but still deliver stunning detail:  In many instances, we can avoid the harshness of flash lighting .  For portraits, we use digital SLRs for highest quality.


Family events

Keep, share, treasure, pass down to the next generation.  Photos define your family and accomplishments:  There is nothing more important than a chronicle of your life.   Will you trust your memories to an inexperienced friend with an amateur camera, or grainy cell phone pictures?   Let us record those fleeting moments.

We bring a unique perspective to every assignment, simply because we realize every event is one-of-a-kind.    The original pictures we take are delivered to you on flash drives, so you can print, edit, scrapbook, Facebook, Instagram, or Tweet to your heart's content.  We also deliver cropped and edited pictures on a separate folder, saving you the bother of having to wait to publish the chronicle of your event.